Greece to Discipline Government Employees Who Don’t Take Vaccination


Greek Interior Minister Makis Voridis has announced that civil servants who refuse to take the now-mandatory Wuhan coronavirus vaccine will be disciplined.

Minister Voridis stated on Thursday that civil servants would be referred to a disciplinary board if they refused to take the vaccine. The disciplinary council would then decide if the employee would be fired.

“Under current law, there is a legal obligation and, in some professions, employers and employees are required to meet certain health requirements. The employer has a responsibility,” Mr Voridis said, the newspaper I Kathimerini reports.

“When vaccination becomes mandatory, those who do not comply with the obligation enter into a process in which they have violated their legal obligations,” he added and stated: “Or anyone who refuses to comply with their contractual obligations, the disciplinary procedure will be activated.”

Greece’s move to make vaccinations mandatory for certain jobs comes as French President Emmanuel Macron also announced that those working in certain fields, such as caregivers or firefighters, will be mandated to take the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine as well.- READ MORE

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