GRAPHIC — Terrorist-Led Mexican Cartel Dumps Human Head near Texas Border


Gunmen working for a terrorist-led organization known as Cartel Del Noreste/Los Zetas used a severed human head to help deliver a message to local residents. The show of force comes at a time when government officials claim the region is safe.

Over the weekend, Cartel Del Noreste gunmen left the head of an unidentified man next to a poster board, threatening those who worked with the police unit Fuerza Coahuila or other authorities would meet a similar fate. The message was signed with the letters “C.D.N.” The gruesome crime scene was discovered in the industrial area of Ciudad Acuna, behind a heavy machinery manufacturing plant. Ciudad Acuna is immediately south of Del Rio, Texas.

Law enforcement sources revealed to Breitbart News that the victim is between 30 and 35-years-old, had short black hair, and a goatee. Less than 600 yards away from the crime scene, investigators found an abandoned Dodge Neon with large bloodied knives that authorities believe were used in the beheading.


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