GQ Marks Father’s Day with Embarrassing ‘Feminist Dad Checklist’


GQ magazine is often embarrassingly liberal, and their site is approaching Father’s Day with “The Feminist Dad Checklist,” from Madeleine Davies and Tara Jacoby.

They write “Congrats to the Feminist Dad, who embraces that women are people and deserving of respect and equality by teaching his children—regardless of their gender—that the sociopolitical struggles of women should be the sociopolitical struggles of everyone.”

The checklist itself aspires to be humorous, but it’s more cringe-inducing. It is not a satire, although it sounds like one. It begins with these instructions: 

Gender-neutral color scheme (try yellow!) for clothes and room décor

Actually, strike that. Girls can wear blue and boys can wear pink because gender is a social construct!

Actually, strike that. Girls can wear pink because there’s nothing demeaning about overt displays of femininity.

Also it’s infantilizing to call her a “girl,” even if she is a literal infant. Call her “Womyn-to-Be.”

Then again, she might not grow up to identify as a woman, so don’t put that label on her either. Just call her by her name!

Oh, for Heaven’s sake. Isn’t it bizarre that liberals would trash the president for disturbing all the political norms, when there’s not one norm about gender they haven’t tried to nuclearize? – READ MORE

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