Governor Andrew Cuomo Says Tearing Down Monuments Is Healthy Expression (VIDEO)


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is like the gift that keeps giving. Because Democrats fell in love with him during the pandemic response, he keeps going on television to tell us just how insane Democrats generally are. And how willing they are to defer to the radical left, spewing pretzel logic to defend them.

The first video is bad enough. The COVID-19 impact on older adults was present in the outbreaks from both China and Europe. It was one of the first pieces of data we learned about how the virus impacted society.

This is the second time Cuomo has tried to blame his disastrous nursing home debacle on the federal government. When first confronted, he said his policy followed the CDC guidelines. The order had been removed from the state’s website when he made this claim. Even Politifact rated his assertion as ‘Mostly False.’ – READ MORE

Listen to the insightful Thomas Paine Podcast Below --

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