Gore Still Hasn’t Offset Carbon from First Film, Much Less the ‘Sequel’


Buried in the credits of An Inconvenient Sequel, former vice president Al Gore and filmmakers make it clear they paid to make up for carbon generated during production. That’s part of Gore’s greenwashing of his documentaries through purchases of carbon offsets from Native Energy.

Presumably, this was an effort to preempt critics of Gore’s hypocrisy since the movie could easily be mistaken for an episode of “Where in the World is Al Gore?” The film constantly shows Gore sitting on airplanes or visiting disparate locations including Greenland, Miami, Tennessee, NYC, Beijing (China), Washington, D.C., Delhi (India), Manila (Philippines), Paris and Georgetown, Texas.

An Inconvenient Truth was “offset” the same way, with payments to the same company. In fact, The Los Angeles Times reported in 2007, that some portion of approximately $1,000 spent on offsets for AIT were earmarked “for the $45-million project, known as the Owl Feather War Bonnet Wind Farm” on the South Dakota Sioux reservation.

But the funds allocated to that wind farm more than a decade ago have done nothing to lower anyone’s carbon emissions. Zip. Zero. Nada.


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