GOP Senator After FL Shooting: ‘They Saw Something, They Said Something. And Nothing Was Done’


In the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting, outrage has fueled national conversation as grieving family, friends, and viewers alike learn of the FBI’s knowledge of “warning signs” regarding shooter Nikolas Cruz.

One of those voices adding his opinion to the conversation is that of Republican Sen. James Lankford, who stated that every sign of Cruz’s instability was there and the FBI did nothing about it.

Speaking on Sunday to NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Lankford stated that those left to deal with this tragedy, such as family and friends, have every right to express their confusion and anger at the tragic outcome — especially when it could have easily been prevented.

“And people in Parkland and all across the country have every reason to be grieved and incredibly furious,” Lankford said. “Social Services was in this home more than 20 times. Expelled from school, posted online, went into a school shooting, had warned the FBI.”

“All the warning signs were there. The community did all the things that the community should do to be able to engage,” Lankford said, referring to Cruz’s YouTube comment that was reported to the FBI by vlogger Ben Bennight.

“They saw something, they said something,” he added. “And nothing was done.”

Lankford’s sentiments are similar to those of grieving families and frustrated American citizens throughout the country, who are calling for stricter gun-rights and expressing their concern over the seemingly lax establishment the FBI has become.- READ MORE

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