GOP & RNC Mull Nuclear Option To Instantly Remove Roy Moore From Alabama Senate Race


An insider with the RNC said a controversial proposal has been floated among the GOP elite that would instantly end Roy Moore’s bid for the U.S. Senate.

True Pundit spoke with the insider who said although nothing has been decided, this unorthodox proposal is currently being debated. The legalities are being examined as well.

Here’s what would need to happen, in theory, to remove Moore from the Alabama Senate race. It is not as implausible as it sounds, which makes it a option to keep an eye on. This could gain steam especially if Moore falls behind in current polling to Democrat Doug Jones.

The GOP cannot afford to lose the Senate seat and may have to pull such a nuclear option as a last resort, the insider said. Much weighs on if the technique is deemed legal, which preliminary reviews deems it is legal, yet again, quite controversial:

  • Current U.S. Senator Luther Strange resigns from the Senate immediately.
  • Alabama Governor appoints a new senator before the runoff election between Moore and Doug Jones.
  • Another special election is scheduled in 2018, effectively canceling the December special election
  • Luther Strange could then even try to run again in the 2018 contest.
  • So Strange could actually resign and run again later to oppose the temporary U.S. Senator appointed to fill his seat
  • The move would allow the state GOP in Alabama to quietly walk back the candidacy of Moore while still controlling the Senate seat. Jeff Sessions anyone?


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