GOP Rep. Gaetz Threatens Twitter With FEC Complaint Over Twitter Suppression, Claims Twitter May Be Giving Opponent Illegal Advantage


Rep. Matt Gaetz is considering filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) over Twitter’s alleged suppression of his account, the Florida Republican told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Wednesday.

“The evidence is piling up that I am being treated differently on Twitter than people on the political Left and I don’t like that because I enjoy the Twitter platform, I enjoy the engagement, I enjoy the candor,” Gaetz told TheDCNF.

“I would think that having won my election with 69 percent of the vote to serve in the Congress that the marketplace of ideas could accommodate my views,” he continued.

“I am contemplating a complaint with the FEC, because if my political opponents have better access to the Twitter platform than I do, that’s no different than a private company giving my political opponents access to a billboard or television time or radio time,” Gaetz said. “That wouldn’t be equal.”

“So I believe that Twitter may have illegally donated to the campaigns of my opponents by prejudicing against my content,” he said. – READ MORE


Twitter Senior Engineering Manager Ian Brown called White House social media director Dan Scavino Jr. “racist” and “anti-immigrant” shortly before Twitter shadow banned multiple prominent conservatives.

“Your seem to be on a bit of a racist, anti-immigrant bender Dan,” Brown replied on July 14 to Scavino’s tweet about Immigrant and Custom Enforcement arrests of human smugglers.

Scavino’s tweet linked to an ICE press release announcing the arrest of 18 illegal immigrant smugglers and multiple illegal immigrants with prior arrests for “driving under the influence,” “fraud” and “child endangerment.”

Brown’s tweet came eleven days before Twitter came under scrutiny for “shadow banning” conservatives. Shadow banning is a way of limiting the visibility of certain users, in this case preventing the users’ names from appearing in the drop-down search bar. – READ MORE

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