Google Reveals Plans to Monitor Our Moods, Our Movements, and Our Children’s Behavior at Home


Google has patents for smart home devices that can eavesdrop on everything going on in our homes, all under the guise of sending us targeted ads for our “convenience.”

What we’ve already given up in terms of privacy is nothing compared to what’s coming, PJ Media reported.

The patents, although not a guarantee the products will be developed, reveal that Google wants “sensors and cameras mounted in every room to follow us and analyze what we’re doing throughout our home,” the report states.

The cameras are so sensitive they can, for example, identify the image of a movie star on a resident’s t-shirt. That image can then be matched to the resident’s internet browsing history. In turn, Google can send them an ad for a new movie with their favorite star.

All of the information can be analyzed and reported at Google’s whim.

Patent No. 10,114,351, states the company can “use smart-devices to monitor activities within a smart-device environment, report on these activities, and/or provide smart-device control based upon these activities.” – READ MORE

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