Google Celebrates Christmas By Replacing Jesus And Santa With Tropical Birds


True to tradition, Google celebrated Christmas by doing its utmost to ignore it. The search giant’s Christmas Day Google Doodle portrayed neither Christ, nor the nativity, nor Santa, nor Frosty. Instead the homepage cartoon depicted two penguins, a parrot, and a toucan. Fa la la la la, la la, la la.

What do tropical birds have to do with the Incarnation? Google explains the bizarrely titled “Holidays 2017 Day 2” cartoon: “Our favorite penguins couldn’t be more excited to reunite with their loved ones. Happy to be together for the season of cheer, this colorfully feathered family can’t wait to sink their beaks into a delicious feast. Check back next week to see how this avian crew rings in the new year!” We’ve come a long way since Clemente Clarke Moore and Charles Dickens.

Google has never once in its 19 years of Doodles depicted the central symbols of Christmas, religious or secular: no Jesus, no Santa, no reindeer, no elves, no Mary, no Joseph, no angels, no bells, no magi, no shepherds, no tinsel, no trees, no oxes, no asses, no stars, and no wreaths. – READ MORE

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