Good Friday Service Stopped, Congregation Threatened as Police Declare the Worship ‘Unlawful’


Police in the U.K. stormed into a church on Good Friday and canceled a liturgy while threatening worshippers for violating public health orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While portions of the U.S. are now wide open, especially on sacred days such as Good Friday, millions of British citizens are still living under lockdown rules which are being enforced. That applies even during one of the most sacred days and weeks for Christians.

In a video which has gone viral online, an officer told churchgoers, “Ladies and gentlemen, this gathering is unfortunately unlawful under the coronavirus regulations we have currently.”

“You are not allowed to meet inside with this many people under law. At this moment in time, you need to go home,” the officer added.

“Failure to comply with this direction to leave and go to your home address ultimately could lead you to be fined £200 or, if you fail to give your details, to being arrested,” he further threatened. – READ MORE

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