‘Giving A Drowning Man An Anchor’: Jobs Creators Network CEO Discusses $15 Minimum Wage


Alfredo Ortiz, the CEO and president of the Jobs Creator Network, spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Samantha Renck about the Democrats proposing a bill to raise the national minimum wage, the impact of lockdowns on small businesses and more.

“This is an absolute disaster for small businesses. This is like giving a drowning man an anchor,” Ortiz said. “It is just going to decimate our small business community.”

“This doubling of labor costs for small business owners really is just a disaster,” he said.

Ortiz also discussed the lockdown measures of California and New York, and whether Democrat control of Washington will mirror the way blue states handled COVID-19 lockdown measures.

“The reality is that this isn’t even as much as red versus blue, Democrat versus Republican,” Ortiz said. “I think this is really about big business versus small business. Big government versus small government.”

Ortiz also discussed his thoughts on lockdowns, what he thinks it will take to reopen businesses and more.

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