Giuliani: If Joe Biden Not Prosecuted, Nobody in America Should Ever Be Prosecuted for Bribery (VIDEO)


Saturday, during an appearance on Fox News, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is now serving as legal counsel for President Donald Trump, gave a wide-ranging interview about the current saga involving the Trump administration and Ukraine, which has led to impeachment proceedings for Trump in the House.

Giuliani cited comments Biden had made at a Council on Foreign Relations event boasting how he strongarmed the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor while he was vice president.

“Here is what Joe Biden says he did. He offered him a $1 billion loan guarantee, he threatened him with a $1 billion loan guarantee, and in return for that, so that’s part one of bribery,” Giuliani said. “Part two is, he got the president of the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor.” – READ MORE

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