Giuliani Drops MOAB on AWOL Jeff Sessions: If There Is Any Justice Why Is Hillary Payment to Fusion GPS Not Under Investigation?


The Washington Post reported in October 2017 that the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for the Fusion GPS dossier alleging Russian ties with the presidential campaign of Republican Donald Trump and sordid phony personal smears of Trump.

Rudy Giuliani: If there is any justice left at DOJ why is payment by Hillary Clinton and DNC to FusionGPS for the phony Steele dossier not under investigation. On your theory in Cohen plea it’s an illegal campaign contribution.Let’s go DOJ wake up. where’s the indictment. Clintons not above law- READ MORE

President Trump turned Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘s words back on him Friday morning, urging him to take control of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“Come on Jeff, you can do it, the country is waiting!” Trump tweeted.

Trump earlier this week told Fox News that Sessions “never took control of the Justice Department.”

“When everybody sees what’s going on in the Justice Department — I always put ‘justice’ now with quotes — it’s a very, very sad day,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” this week.

He went on to say he only gave Sessions the attorney general job to reward his loyalty and asked, “What kind of a man is this?”READ MORE

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