Ghislaine Maxwell’s Attorney Folds Like A Cheap Suit After Confrontation (Video)


It seems Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorney Leah Saffian is acting much like her embattled client, dodging questions and running from journalists.

Maxwell is the alleged lady pimp who for years secured women and underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

And when photoshopped images appeared in the NY Post of Maxwell eating at In-N-Out Burger is Los Angeles, newspaper personnel said the photos were supplied to the publication by Maxwell’s attorney, Staffian.

The NY Post published the photos on Aug. 15 but there is little proof Maxwell was indeed in Los Angeles that day and dozens of photographic experts have debunked the authenticity of the photos.

When questioned directly about that on Wednesday, Staffian pulled a move from her client’s jet-setting, law-enforcement-evading tool kit and simply vanished.


Check out the video.

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