German Company Plans American Manufacturing Expansion to Avoid Chinese Tariffs


A German Forklift Maker Is Planning To Expand Manufacturing In The United States To Avoid Being Hit With Tariffs In China That President Donald Trump Has Imposed To Protect American Industry And Jobs.

Every year, Kion sells about 3,000 vehicles in the U.S. and about half of those sold come from China where they are manufactured. Now, because of Trump’s economic nationalist agenda and billion-dollar tariffs on Chinese imports, Kion executives tell the Wall Street Journal they are planning to expand their manufacturing in America to avoid those tariffs in China:

“It is worth exploring ways to expand our production in the U.S. to avoid tariffs,” Ms. Groth said. The company is searching for additional U.S.-based suppliers that could provide its factory in Summerville with parts, she added. [Emphasis added]

The U.S. tariffs cost Kion a few million euros last year, Ms. Groth said. “In 2019, this amount will be higher,” she added. [Emphasis added]

Kion’s planned manufacturing shift from China to the U.S. — where it employs about 3,000 Americans in Michigan, Utah, and California — is just the latest success of Trump’s tariffs to protect U.S. jobs and to rebuild the country’s devastated manufacturing industry that was gutted by years of free trade deals. – READ MORE

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