German Air Force Only Has Four Combat-Ready Jets In Case Of Emergency


Germany better hope that Europe’s various artificial war-deterring monetary, customs, economic, political and so forth “unions” hold for the foreseeable future, as the alternative could be dire.

According to Spiegel, only four of the Luftwaffe’s state-of-the-art Eurofighter jets are currently in good enough shape to be called on in the event of an invasion of German airspace, leaving the German armed forces to once again have to fight off allegations that their forces are not fit for combat.

Theoretically the Luftwaffe has 128 Eurofighters – which make up the majority of Germany’s air combat force – ready for deployment. But in a Wednesday report on Spiegel, a defect in the jets’ self-defense systems means that in practice only four them can be sent on mission.

The defect concerns a sensor on the jet’s wing which alerts pilots to an incoming attack. Technicians noticed a year and a half ago that the sensors were not staying cool during flights. It was then discovered that the cooling liquid had been leaking out of the pods the sensors were housed in. –  READ MORE

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