Georgia Democratic Senate Candidate Opposed to Abortion Law Said in 2010 Life Began at Conception


Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Teresa Tomlinson said in 2010 she believed in life at conception, but she told MSNBC Saturday it was “biologically impossible” for one person to live within another while criticizing the newly signed Georgia abortion law.

Campaign spokeswoman Caitlin Highland told the Washington Free Beacon that Tomlinson “disputes the suggestion that personhood begins at conception” when asked if she had changed her mind about her earlier position.

“Because Mayor Tomlinson believes in biology, she understands that cellular life begins at conception,” Highland said in an email. “But cellular life is not personhood; she vehemently disputes the suggestion that personhood begins at conception, or anytime up to birth.”

While running for mayor of Columbus in 2010, Tomlinson was criticized at a forum by a fellow candidate for making donations to Emily’s List, which seeks to elect pro-choice women to political office. The Ledger-Enquirer reported on the meeting and that Tomlinson told the newspaper afterward she believed life began at conception, but she donated to Emily’s List because it supported female candidates – READ MORE

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