George Takei Says No One Batted an Eye if Celebs Voted for Bush, Instantly Eaten Alive


The backlash began after Takei decided to liberalsplain to America why celebrities who supported Donald Trump either stayed quiet or were being ostracized. And how did he do so? By talking about all of the celebrities who supported George W. Bush without any repercussions. You remember all of them, right?

“No one would bat an eye if an entertainer said they’d have voted for George Bush,” Takei wrote Monday.

“Vocal support for Trump, by contrast, stirs backlash because he has attacked our communities, our institutions, and our values. We are not in ordinary times. They demand we all take a clearer stand.”

This is funny, because these are exactly the arguments I remember liberals making about George W. Bush back during the Iraq War. Remember the Dixie Chicks telling British fans how they were “ashamed” of their president? Remember Green Day writing a song called “American Idiot” on an album called “American Idiot,” both of which tacitly referenced the intellectual and moral vacancy of the average Republican voter and the cravenness of the Bush administration? Remember how Michael Moore became a cause celebré among liberals for a film which implied the Bush family was in bed with the bin Ladens? – READ MORE

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