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GAWKER’S Nick Denton Headed for Personal Bankruptcy


Gawker founder Nick Denton appears headed for personal bankruptcy after a bankruptcy judge on Tuesday refused to stop Hulk Hogan’s collection pursuits.

Denton had hoped that Gawker’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed on June 10 would give him temporary relief from his portion of a $140 million judgment in favor of Hogan, who prevailed in an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit over the posting of a sex tape.

In conjunction with Gawker’s bankruptcy, Denton’s company brought an adversary case against its legal foes and warned that if Hogan was allowed to pursue Denton, it would distract from the planned sale of Gawker. The two sides stipulated to a temporary restraining order, but when it came time to determine whether a judge would convert this into a preliminary injunction, Hogan fought back. – READ MORE

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