Gaetz: It’s a ‘Joke’ That GOP Leadership Is ‘Only Now Talking to Comey’


Republican House Judiciary Committee Member Matt Gaetz said Monday that it is a “joke” that the GOP leadership is “only now getting to James Comey.”

Gaetz said the Republicans have been apprehensive about ordering Comey to appear as part of an investigation into the beginnings of the Trump-Russia probe because it would interfere with the “economic message” they wanted to spread prior to the election.

Gaetz said Congress’ handling of Comey, the Clinton email scandal and questions about the legitimacy of the Russia investigation was one of the most “low-energy oversights” and “one of the reasons we lost the majority.”

“We didn’t move fast enough,” he said, adding that there is only a little over a week’s worth of Congressional working days before the Christmas break.

“We’re only now getting to James Comey, what a joke.” – READ MORE

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