French schoolgirl’s accusations got her teacher beheaded, sparked violent riots. Now she admits she made it all up.


In a shocking development in a case that stunned France last year, a schoolgirl has admitted she made up accusations against her former teacher that sparked a hate campaign, which led to his gruesome murder and sparked violent riots in the country.

Samuel Paty, a history teacher in west Paris, was beheaded last October by an 18-year-old Chechen Muslim refugee named Abdoullakh Anzorov, after controversy erupted over his alleged anti-Muslim classroom presentation during a lesson on free speech.

The 13-year-old student, whose identity has been protected, reportedly told her father that Paty showed degrading images of the Muslim prophet Muhammed in class. After learning of Paty’s alleged behavior, the student’s father filed a legal complaint and launched an internet campaign against the teacher, slamming Paty in Facebook and YouTube video uploads, claiming that the teacher showed cartoons of Muhammed with his genitals exposed.

The campaign set off a firestorm in the Muslim world, fomenting widespread anger towards Paty, who was murdered a mere 10 days after the accusations were first made. In addition to resulting in Paty’s murder, the accusations also sparked violent riots across the country that led to the deaths of at least three others.

But now, the girl has reportedly confessed to police that she lied.

The girl’s lawyer, Mbeko Tabula, confirmed on Monday that her client was not even in attendance at the class during which she alleged the incident took place. – READ MORE

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