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FREE SPEECH CRACKDOWN: Pro-Trump Subreddit Fears They May Be Next to get the Axe from Reddit


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Users of /r/The_Donald, a huge hub of pro-Trump activity on Twitter, fear they may be next. The_Donald has faced censorship from Reddit before, with special rules applied to them to suppress the ability of some of their posts to make it to the front page.

In a huge thread posted on The_Donald about the alt-right ban last night, many users voiced concerns that they could be next. The top comment said, “T_D will be next. I never noticed any personal and confidential information posted there.”

One user wrote:

“Say what you want about r/altright, just remember that every liberal and mainstream outlet calls Donald Trump and his supporters “racist, misogynist, white nationalist, facist, deplorable”. They draw no distinction between you and anyone to the right of you. If censoring political views on those grounds is acceptable it doesn’t matter how much you distance yourself, you’re in the same basket and can be forced to shut up with the same bullshit rationals.”

Some also think that the decision may have been premeditated. In response to a comment asking, “How long till this year’s first reddit admin scandal? I’d like an ETA so I have snacks ready pls respond,” Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said, “Next week around Wednesday. I generally don’t like to make promises about dates, but I’m feeling pretty confident about this one.”


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