Fox’s Tucker Carlson Privately Advising Trump Against War With Iran: Report


A surprising headline from the Daily Beast suggests President Trump could be bucking his own administration hawks on Iran with help from an outside source: “Tucker Carlson Is Privately Advising Trump On Iran” — the headline reads. 

Over and against uber-hawks John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, the report says “there’s been another, far different voice in the president’s ear: that of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.”

For at least the past year Tucker Carlson has been a rare, outspoken non-interventionist voice on prime time network news, aggressively questioning US military presence and past regime change actions in places like Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, as well as Washington’s long-time weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. He’s come under fire from Republican neocons and Democratic hawks alike for frequently hosting foreign policy skeptics like Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Greenwald, Rand Paul, and others.

Carlson recently even questioned mainstream media claims that Syria’s Assad is gassing his own people, presenting leaked evidence that suggests the rebels could be staging such atrocities to draw the US military into action against Damascus. 

And now, apparently the president is relying on Carlson as a dissenting voice against the foreign policy establishment at a moment of soaring tensions with Iran, according to the Daily Beast

A source familiar with the conversations told The Daily Beast that, in recent weeks, the Fox News host has privately advised Trump against taking military action against Iran. And a senior administration official said that during the president’s recent conversations with the Fox primetime host, Carlson has bashed the more “hawkish members” of his administration. – READ MORE

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