Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Misreports Mueller Intel: Podesta NOT on Immunity List; Here are The Five REAL Names That Are per U.S. District Court


It’s not easy trying to report breaking news on national security. Especially when things go wrong.

Last week Tucker Carlson on Fox reported Tony Podesta was on Robert Mueller’s list of witnesses that were seeking protection to testify against Paul Manafort.

Today the list was released naming the individuals Mueller previously submitted to the federal court under seal.

Podesta’s name was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps this is why Fox News issued a decree for the network to cease and desist investigative reporting.

A federal judge Monday unsealed the names of five witnesses granted immunity by special counsel Robert Mueller to testify at the upcoming trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

The witnesses, who Mueller’s team had sought to keep from public view until they were called to testify, are:

James Brennan
Donna Duggan
Conor O’Brien
Cindy Laporta
Dennis Raico

The unsealed court documents do not provide details about what the witnesses may be expected to testify about. None of the newly revealed witnesses have figured prominently in the case or the coverage of the case to this point.

Typically under immunity deals such as this one, the witness will provide relevant testimony with the agreement that it will not be used to prosecute them.


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