FOX News Exposé Nailed Ben Rhodes in Unmasking Scandal but FOX Anti-Trump Executive KILLED the Story


Former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes was part of the Obama-era Trump unmasking and spying scandal, according to a high-placed FOX News sources who said the network was planning to publish a definitive and detailed investigative exposé revealing Rhodes’ role.

But the story was killed by a high level FOX News executive who dislikes President Trump.

It would have been a major national security exclusive for FOX but instead the story was intentionally buried, sources said.

Until now.

FOX News’ Vice President of News & its D.C. bureau Managing Editor Bill Sammon is under investigation for killing stories detailing FBI corruption as well as national security exposés uncovering corruption during the Barack Obama administration, according to well-placed sources inside the network.

Sources maintain Sammon killed FOX News’ Rhodes investigative blowout too.

Shocking allegations coming from FOX News as officials probe a top executive who has reportedly allowed his anti-Trump politics to prevent the network from publishing breaking political and national security stories that would reflect positively on Trump and his administration.

Rhodes had been long rumored to be tied to the unmasking allegations. Fox officials said they had to goods proving his role beyond a rumor but the story never saw the light of day.

Obama loyalists, former national security adviser Susan Rice along with former ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power have already been pegged for their involvement in seeking requests to identify Trump insiders whose names surfaced in foreign intelligence surveillance. The duo may have leaked the intel to the media as well.

Along with Rhodes.

But Sammon ensured FOX would not out Rhodes, network sources said.

The initial reports of unmasking by the Obama administration surfaced in March of 2017. During the summer of 2017, FOX News sources said Sammon made insane stipulations to get the story published.

While the Rhodes story was sourced with a half-dozen intelligence and Obama-administration insiders, Sammon said that was simply not enough proof, source said.

“Sammon said the story would only go forward with people on camera showing their face and names,” one FOX insider said.

Obviously, in a political arena like Washington D.C. — where people’s careers are ruined on mere media rumors and innuendo — Sammon’s demands border on journalistic insanity. Who would go on the record and on camera against the thugs in the Obama administration and expect to keep their government job and maintain their personal safety?

No One.

Rhodes could not be reached for comment.

Bill Sammon runs FOX’s behemoth D.C. bureau operation and is the Vice President of news at FOX. Sammon has come under fire after distraught employees complained that he has interjected his personal politics into FOX’s news content, dictating what stories could be published by the network and on FOX’s website.

One official said a formal complaints have been filed against the top editor and executive.

Sammon is the boss of a number of staff and writers in FOX’s powerhouse D.C. bureau, just a stone’s throw from the Capitol. His understudies include Catherine Herridge, FOX’s top national security reporter. Herridge did not return requests for comment to this story.

“Sammon is a never-Trumper” one FOX official said. “He hates Trump’s guts and has spiked just about every story that could make Trump look good. That includes FBI corruption because it vindicates the president for firing (James) Comey and hammering (Andrew) McCabe.”

In the news business when an editor or publisher deliberately tables or hides a story it is referred to as “spiking” a story. Sammon, according to network insiders, has spiked dozens of top-level stories and prevented FOX reporters from publishing exclusives.

Now the top brass at FOX are examining a number of similar allegations.

What stories have been reportedly sand bagged and tampered with? According to FOX insiders, the stories and subject matter are sweeping and include:

  • An Eric Schneiderman story linking the now-disgraced former New York attorney general to a clandestine movement of government officials to unseat Trump from the White House.
  • FBI-related scandals involving Andrew McCabe, James Comey and more FBI top brass.
  • The FBI’s investigation of Gen. Mike Flynn
  • Justice Department and FBI corruption linked to the bogus Trump dossier and problematic FISA court warrants and wiretaps.
  • Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch infamous tarmac meeting.
  • The Susan Rice unmasking story which included other implicated members of the Obama administration. Those additional administration officials were never identified by FOX although stories detailing their involvement were completed.
  • New revelations about former Attorney General Eric Holder’s criminal role in the Fast & Furious gun-running scandal.
  • New revelations about Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s role in the tainted Benghazi debacle.
  • Additional stories.

Sammon from a Conservative Treehouse photo

“Sammon is compromised,” one FOX official said, calling him a political activist.

One FOX insider said Sammon even added material to stories that was not fact based or from a reporter’s research and sources.

“We were wrong on a big big story because Sammon insisted on adding unsolicited material to stories,” he said. “He put his own shit into a big story. You don’t do this kind of thing.”

Shockingly, stories from FOX reporters on FBI corruption and Obama-linked scandals were held for months until other news agencies broke the same stories, FOX sources revealed. Then, sources said, Sammon would release FOX’s stories.

It was Sammon in fact who wrote the debate questions for the infamous FOX News 2016 presidential debates. Yes, that included the debate where Megyn Kelly attacked Donald Trump. Later it was revealed Sammon’s daughter served as a top official in the Marco Rubio campaign during the two nationally-televised FOX debates. Even Trump officials lamented Rubio likely had an unfair advantage during those debates.

Rubio is no fan of Trump.

Nor, apparently, is Sammon’s daughter.

Before Rubio, Sammon’s daughter previously worked on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012.

Romney is no fan of Trump.

FOX’s Sammon did not return a request for comment.

Sammon, who has previously written numerous glowing books on the George W. Bush presidency, remains good friends with the Bush family, sources said.

The Bush family is no fan of Trump.

Sammon became Washington managing editor in February 2009. One veteran described FOX News’ D.C operation today, under Sammon’s leadership, in simplistic terms.

“It’s a fucking mess,” the FOX veteran said. “Total mess.”

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