FOX NEWS Escorts Shepard Smith Out of the Building Like a Common Criminal


Shocking details about FOX News icon Shepard Smith’s surprise on-air resignation on Friday are now leaking from FOX colleagues.

“He (Shep) was immediately escorted out of the building,” one FOX insider told True Pundit. “Absolutely no one knew what he planned to do but literally minutes after he made the announcement on air he was escorted from the building.”

Staff members who were shocked by Smith’s resignation were further bewildered by the news icon being removed by security from the FOX News set and whisked out of the building onto the sidewalk.

Smith wasn’t even allowed to go back to his office.

“There were gasps in the newsroom,” the FOX insider said. “Total shock.”

Then Smith was approached by security on the set.

“It never used to be this way under Roger (Ailes),” the FOX insider said. “They respected their employees. But the place has gone down hill now.

“That’s total disrespect. Right out of the building in seconds.”

Smith did not stop to converse with emotional colleaugues who wanted to wish him a farewell and instead was rushed from the building.

“It looked like he didn’t want to be bothered,” the insider said. “He can be a prick like that. He’s a guy you either love or hate.”

FOX brass sent a hastily-written Thank You email to Shep and distributed it to all FOX employees about one minute before Smith’s show ended, thanking him for his loyalty and dedication to the news conglomerate.

Then they tossed Shep to the curb.

So … Why did Smith resign?

This story is developing. — Thomas Paine

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