Four Illegal MS-13 Gang Members Charged with Murdering 29-Year-Old


Four illegal alien MS-13 Gang members and another member of the violent El Salvadorian street gang have been arrested and charged with murdering a 29-year-old man in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Last week, the Montgomery County Police Department arrested five MS-13 Gang members for allegedly murdering 29-year-old Francisco Anton Medrano-Campos, according to ABC 7 News’s Kevin Lewis.

Four of the five MS-13 Gang members are illegal aliens who entered the U.S. as “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UACs). The other gang member, likely a foreign national, may eventually be eligible for deportation.

The suspects include:

  • 21-year-old illegal alien Carlos Andres Orellana-Orellan from El Salvador
  • 19-year-old illegal alien Oscar Effrain Zavala-Urrea from Honduras
  • 20-year-old illegal alien Romeo Almengor Oxlaj-Lopez from Guatemala
  • 21-year-old illegal alien Victor Alfonso Cruz-Orellana from El Salvador
  • 19-year-old Daniel E. Huezo-Landaverde

Lewis reports that the five gang members allegedly murdered Medrano-Campos on May 26 in the parking lot of an apartment complex. An eyewitness told the police she saw the men standing over Medrano-Campos with handguns. – READ MORE

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