Former staffer sues Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee for wrongful firing after rape claim


A former congressional staffer filed a lawsuit last week saying she was raped by an employee at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, and when she said she was taking legal action against the foundation, she was fired by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

The employee, who is suing as a Jane Doe plaintiff, is seeking at least $75,000 in damages for derailing her career and for emotional duress.

She says she was raped in 2015 by the coordinator of her intern program at the foundation, and says there was DNA, text messages and phone calls that proved the encounter happened.

When she decided to take legal action against the foundation in 2018, she told staffers for Ms. Jackson Lee, whose office she now worked in — and soon after she was fired for what the office said was “budgetary issues.”

She says, since the attack, she’s lost 50 pounds and has changed her appearance “to be less sexualized by men,” and refuses to be alone with men. – READ MORE


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