Former SecDef: Hillary Clinton ‘Not Involved in National Security Issues’ as First Lady


Hillary Clinton had no role in national security matters as first lady, according to newly uncovered records, a revelation that undermines her claims on the campaign trail in 2008.

William Cohen, who served as secretary of defense under President Bill Clinton for several years, said in 2007 that Hillary Clinton “was not involved in national security issues” as first lady, according to a transcript of an interview with the defense secretary’s historical office obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Cohen, who was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1996, spoke about his experience as defense secretary during the interview, highlighting his positive relationship with the former president. When asked by interviewers whether Hillary Clinton “play[ed] any kind of part” in national security and Pentagon matters, he replied, “No, not really.”

“She was not involved in national security issues,” Cohen said in the transcript, which was included in the William S. Cohen papers archive housed at the University of Maine.

Clinton often cited her experience as first lady as a credential in national security and foreign policy during her failed 2008 primary campaign against Barack Obama.

Clinton was criticized by national media for exaggerating her experience at the time. The interview with Cohen backs up these criticisms.

Clinton said on the 2008 campaign trail that she had access to key decision-makers and classified information as first lady, though she had no security clearance and did not attend National Security Council meetings. She cited trips to Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, and other areas as evidence of her experience in foreign policy. – READ MORE

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