Former Production Assistant Claims Lauer ‘Went After The Most Vulnerable’ Women At NBC


A former production assistant at the “Today” show has revealed a previously secret relationship with Matt Lauer, which she claims was consensual but eventually led her to feel like a victim due to the power dynamic.

Addie Collins opened up about her relationship with the former “Today” host in an article published by Variety on Thursday in which she claims he “went after the most vulnerable and the least powerful” women in the office.

Lauer was fired from NBC last month after multiple women revealed claims of sexual misconduct against the “Today” host. While Collins’ (who now goes by her married last name Zinone) relationship with Lauer was consensual and most of his accusers claim that his sexual advances were unwanted, she feels that Lauer was enabled by others to carry on with his behavior.

Collins started as an intern at “Today” where she formed close relationships with Katie Couric, Al Roker and Ann Curry. Eventually she earned a position as a production assistant for the NBC show and after realizing she wanted to be in front of the camera rather than behind it, she accepted a job as a local news anchor in her hometown. Just weeks before she left NBC to take the job, she claims, Lauer made his move. – READ MORE

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