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Former Obama Campaign Manager Plays Amateur Psychologist And Diagnoses Trump


OH… I’m all over this.

David Plouffe, former campaign manager for President Obama, is playing amateur psychologist and has made a diagnosis of whatever is going on in Donald Trump’s brain.

“I mean, basically, we have a psychopath running for president,” Plouffe told NBC. “I mean, he meets the clinical definition, okay?”

Asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd whether it was fair for someone without a degree in psychology to diagnose someone’s mental state on air, Plouffe doubled down.

“Listen, the grandiose notion of self-worth, pathological lying, lack of empathy and remorse,” Plouffe said on “Meet the Press.” Hillary Clinton and President Obama has all been accused at various points of harboring each of these characteristics.

“I don’t have a degree in psychology, Plouffe said. But here it is: Chuck, basically, the race ends today. I think Hillary Clinton is guaranteed at least 269 electoral votes — think about that. Because Virginia and Colorado, both campaigns I think believe are put away.”
You’re in luck, David. I do have a degree in Psychology, so let me take a stab at it. – READ MORE

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