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Former Obama admin official SNAPS: FBI director has ‘wielded power more aggressively than anyone since Hoover’


After FBI Director James Comey reopened an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails — just two weeks before the Democratic candidate for president stands for election — people started to question his motives.

One expert on the subject is Riley Roberts, a former chief speechwriter to Attorney General Eric Holder, who wrote an extensive profile of Comey in September for Politico. In his view, Comey, a Republican who was nominated by Democratic president Barack Obama, is not political but is aggressive and lacking in self-control.

“Comey is affable and open, with a reputation for honesty and a well-known aversion to politics,” Roberts wrote. “Yet there is a growing consensus that Comey has wielded the powers of the directorship more aggressively than anyone since [first FBI director J. Edgar] Hoover—to the consternation, and even anger, of some of his colleagues.”

Indeed, some colleagues say he has “a streak of self-righteousness and a flair for melodrama that has at times clouded his judgment,” according to a Daily Beast article (cited by Roberts). – READ MORE

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