Former NFL star says men are responsible to step up and prevent abortion: ‘Men are protectors. We are providers.’ (VIDEO)


Former New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson has gone on record detailing what he believes to be a man’s role in preventing abortions.

During Wednesday night’s episode of Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Watson offered host Martha MacCallum an explanation as to how men could help eradicate abortions.

“We’re living in a time, Martha, of abortion on demand,” Watson — an outspoken Christian — explained. “We’re living in a time of relativism. And while I would agree that these happen in very rare instances where someone would wait nine months before having an abortion, the fact still remains that whether it’s at nine months or whether it’s at eight days or 18 days, when the heart is developing, when the baby is breathing, it’s still the same life.”

Watson, 38, added that in addition to championing unborn babies’ rights, there needs to be an advocate for the parents, who may not be in the right state to care for a child, whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, or otherwise.

“It’s important to not only be people that stand for abortion as if it’s some sort of political stance — which it kind of turns into sometimes — but be someone that stands for whole life,” he explained. “Be someone that’s willing to support not only this baby that’s coming into the world, but also to support the mother and the father that may be in crisis, whatever they may be going through.”- READ MORE

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