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Former Newsweek Washington Correspondent Urges Media to Battle ‘Conservative Moral Relativism’


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Should the mainstream media lead, to borrow a term from religion, a great awakening? Yes, in a sense, suggested longtime journalist Steven Waldman in a Thursday Washington Monthly piece. “Donald Trump and his campaign have pushed the idea that each of us has our own truth, or ‘alternative facts,’” wrote Waldman. “Suddenly I feel like journalists are the most religious people in America. I don’t mean that journalists are suddenly enamored with the supernatural, but rather that we’ve re-embraced the idea that there’s a thing called ‘truth’ an absolute value that lives above and apart from the world of framing and spin.”

As Waldman sees it, the current “war on the concept of truth is accompanied by a rise in conservative moral relativism. One could see it in the conservative defense of the tobacco industry, which undercut science by putting out alternative facts. – READ MORE

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