Former Navy SEAL: Waterboarding, Sleep Deprivation; Just Another Day at the Office


After serving for 13 years in America’s military — including three overseas deployments as a SEAL — and eventually becoming the successful founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher, Eli Crane has seen and endured much.

So when it came to Haspel’s career of fueling enhanced interrogations, which are currently being labeled as torture, the former SEAL claimed to be confused by the attacks on the acting director by lawmakers.

Haspel’s nomination for CIA director has recently come under fire, as she has ties to interrogation techniques that were used in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

Yet, this type of torture is something Crane said his fellow veterans endured before they were deployed.

“This criticism of Haspel by both parties has me asking: If they did this to us and we don’t have a problem with it, why are we so concerned about doing this to terrorists to extract vital intelligence to save lives?” Crane said in an op-ed he wrote for Breitbart.

However, even with the outrage from lawmakers, Crane suggested that enhanced torture is merely part of the job and that many serving the country have had to go through it right here in the U.S. — starting with Survival Evasion Resistance Escape school.

“Yes, that is correct: many of the veterans you know as fathers, mothers, husbands, cousins, and family friends have endured waterboarding, sleep deprivation, starvation, and much, much more to prepare them for the very real possibility that we might get captured behind enemy lines,” Crane said, adding that all “techniques” were done under close supervision and in a controlled environment.

“Although I am very thankful for the lessons I learned there and believe it is one hundred percent necessary to prepare those of us destined to operate in war zones, I will never volunteer to go back,” he added. “Quite frankly, it sucked!”- READ MORE

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