Former FBI Official: Agents ‘Infuriated’ With Comey’s Partisanship, Anti-Trump ‘Vitriol’


A former top FBI official blasted former FBI Director James Comey Tuesday for new “partisan” attacks on President Trump, revealing that many rank-and-file agents are “infuriated” by Comey’s statements.

Responding on “America’s Newsroom,” Chris Swecker, former FBI assistant director, said he has heard from more than 100 current FBI agents who were “infuriated” over what Comey said.

Swecker criticized Comey for trying to “wrap himself in the cloak” of the bureau’s integrity and bravery, while at the same time bashing the president and Republicans with “partisan vitriol.”

“He’s demonstrating why he is on the outs and has destroyed his own reputation, because he is a partisan. And he obviously practiced that during his very short tenure as FBI director,” he said.- READ MORE

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