Former Facebook Executive Claims ‘Most People Don’t Care About Privacy’


Antonio García-Martínez, a former product manager at Facebook, said that while there is a lot of clamoring over how social media companies manage people’s data, it’s coming from a relatively small portion of the larger public.

“Here’s the reality: Most people don’t care about privacy,” García-Martínez said during an interview with Recode founder Kara Swisher.

“Media elites care about it, underemployed Eurocrats care about it. And the entire privacy-industrial complex — there’s an entire set of very loud voices who are constantly beating the drum and building media careers around this.”

He doesn’t think Facebook will take a big hit in the number of users, mainly because people seem to cherish the ability to connect and communicate more than the security of their online traits and tendencies.

“Any app, and I’m using ‘Facebook’ broadly to mean whatever social media thing we have — whatever the face of social media is, people are more than willing to sacrifice this abstract notion of privacy that Brussels bureaucrats care about, in pursuit of this community thing,” he continued, referring to the more aggressive regulatory tactics from the European Union. – READ MORE

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