Former DOJ Attorney Predicts Democrats Will Leak Classified Information From Mueller Report


Former Department of Justice attorney Christian Adams predicted congressional Democrats will leak confidential elements of the Mueller report, in an attempt to undermine President Donald Trump.

Adams said Democrats with the proper security clearance will be able to get a look at the full report, along with their political staffers.

“What qualifies you for that is you’re a hill staffer for a Democrat or you’re a Democrat congressman or senator. Of course, we all know by now, Brian, that Trump derangement syndrome has no cure,” he said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

“So, these folks are going to get it are going to read the secret information about grand jury testimony, which you can’t reveal by law,” he said. “It’s going to have classified information it. And of course we know they can’t be trusted.”

Adams said Democrats have a track record of not being able to keep a secret and cited Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation as an example.

“We’ll probably find out exactly what the Mueller report says in three, maybe four hours, sometime later this afternoon because we’ve seen how they leak like they did with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh hearings. They can’t keep a secret,” he said. “So hopefully by the end of the day or not hopefully, they’ll be telling us all there is to know.”

Adams said Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York will be one of the first to leak the report.

“Nowhere is Trump derangement syndrome more of an epidemic than in Jerrold Nadler’s Upper West Side district, so don’t expect any reasonableness from him,” Adams said.

“I’m sure that he will be leading the charge to leak the terms and the content of the Mueller report,” he continued. “If anything maybe the attorney general is being too transparent. I mean there is grand jury testimony in here. And this is a group of people on Capitol Hill who are completely deranged about the president and cannot be trusted to not leak illegal information.”

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