Former Defense Sec Stands by His Claim That Biden Has Been Wrong About ‘Every Major Foreign Policy’ Issue


Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates stands by a claim he made in his memoir that Vice President Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue for four decades.

Gate — who served as a secretary under President Barack Obama’s administration — said that he respects Biden as a man, but slammed his ability to predict the outcome of issues when it comes to foreign policy.

In his memoir, Gates wrote:

“Joe Biden is impossible not to like. He’s a man of integrity, incapable of hiding what he really thinks, one of those rare people you know you could turn to for help in a personal crisis. Still, I think he’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue of over the past four decades.”

During an interview Sunday morning on “Face the Nation,” Gates doubled down on his claim and questioned whether Biden could be a successful commander-in-chief because of his “issues with the military.” – READ MORE

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