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Former Cop Talks Riots and ‘Why ‘Sh*t Like This’ Is Driving Good Officers to Turn Over Their Badges


After days of unrest, protests, and even rioting that followed officer-involved shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte, America is riding yet another wave of anti-police sentiment.

But when the people turn on the police, it puts everyone at risk — Travis, a former Illinois police officer, spoke to Independent Journal Review about the anti-police trend and its unfortunate results:

“Honestly I’ve been driven to the point now where I almost don’t even care about any riots that happen. I don’t watch the news much either, if at all.

All it does is piss me off and give me anxiety. But I’m telling you all this bullsh*t is being done on purpose. Big surprise, right?

They’re trying to wear out law enforcement… I’m already worn out. It’s going to wear everybody out.

No cop is going to want to do anything anymore. Nobody is going to want to respond to anything. Before it’s over, every cop is going to be afraid to do anything.” – READ MORE

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