Foreign Policy Mag Applauds Merkel For ‘Keeping The Doors Ajar’


Foreign Policy magazine Monday announced a list of the top decision-makers of 2016, which praised Angela Merkel for letting in a flood of refugees into Germany, and said supporters of Donald Trump and Brexit voted against their “own self-interest.”

The foreign affairs publication was unabashed about their political beliefs in the awarding of the “100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2016.” They wrote: “An ugly strain of populism reared its head in America this year. After months of spewing sexist, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic rhetoric, Donald Trump stunned pollsters—and the citizens whose ballots earned Hillary Clinton the popular vote—by winning the White House. Nativist politics won out, and Americans joined other populations, including Brexit supporters and Colombians who rejected the long-awaited peace deal, in voting against their self-interest.” – READ MORE

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