For the First Time Ever, America Has Enough Jobs for Everyone


For The First Time In U.s. History, America Has Enough Job Openings To Give Every Unemployed Person In The Country A Job, According To Data From The Labor Department On Tuesday.

There were a record 6.6 million job openings at the end of March, the Labor Department said. With unemployment down at 3.9 percent, that means there are enough jobs to employ everyone looking to work for the first time since the data began to be collected.

Not everyone will get a job, as openings are not necessarily a good fit for available workers and may require different skills than those workers have. Jobs may require workers move to places they do not want to live, or moving for work may be impractical. They may pay too little so that workers prefer unemployment, the boss may just be a big jerk, or the job unpalpable for one reason or another.

The Labor Department’s data is undeniably good news. An increase in job openings should coincide with a fall in unemployment, but in recent years this has not been the case since jobs opened up and yet unemployment remained stubbornly high.  – READ MORE

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