Flynn Judge Fumes at Mueller, Demands Flynn be in Court Within Days for Likely Showdown; Could Flynn Walk?


The federal judge in the Gen. Michael Flynn case is fuming at U.S. Special Robert Mueller.

Judge Emmet Sullivan has scheduled a hearing for next week and directed Flynn to attend.

The judge could be perturbed because Mueller has failed to initiate a pre-sentencing report from federal probation. Such a report is the backbone of all federal sentencings and according to the court docket, should have been completed months ago.

Flynn cannot be sentenced without a pre-sentencing report where he is allowed to note special circumstances for the judge to weigh prior to sentencing.

The report normally takes months to compile.

It is unknown why Mueller has delayed the process. It is quite unorthodox.

It is likewise very rare to call Flynn — or any defendant — to a status hearing after a plea deal.

Could Sullivan vacate Flynn’s guilty plea at the July 10th hearing?

Anything is possible.

Especially when a federal judge is pissed.

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