Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Tases Woman, Then Bakes Her Cake That Says: ‘Sorry I Tased You’


A Florida woman is suing a local sheriff’s deputy who shot her with a stun gun during what was described as “horseplay” at an apartment complex and then tried to apologize for the incident by baking her a cake that said “Sorry I Tased you.”

Stephanie Byron of Pensacola claims that deputy Michael Wohlers showed up at the complex where she worked after his shift in June 2015. Wohlers is alleged to have bullied Byron and the other staff, then shot her in the chest with a stun gun after the two argued over glass of sweet tea.

Byron’s complaint, according to a report in the Pensacola News Journal, alleges that the deputy jumped on her when she fell to the ground, placed his knees on her chest, and forcefully yanked the Taser prods from her flesh. – READ MORE

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