Florida school bus aide yanks MAGA hat off student’s head


The Martin County, Florida Sheriff’s Office is investigating whether an incident on a school bus this week is crime, after a school bus aide threw a fit about a MAGA hat and was caught on tape.

Gunnar Johansson, 14, told WPTV-TV news in West Palm Beach that hats were allowed at his school this week if they donated to the March of Dimes. In his case, it was a Donald Trump cap with the MAGA slogan. That didn’t sit well with a school district bus aide, who first verbally and then physically confronted the child for his choice.

In the clip, the unidentified woman can be heard saying “Boy, if you don’t that hat off this bus… take it off.”

“She, like, threatened me with a referral and threatened to turn the bus around,” Johansson told WPTV. ” I said ‘write me up, I didn’t do anything wrong’, and then she yanked my hat off. It was crazy.”

Toward the end of the surveillance clip you can hear as the bus aide tells Johansson to put the hat in his backpack after she removes it from his head. – READ MORE

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