Florida Revokes Hundreds of Carry Permits After ‘Deceitful’ Worker Sabotages Background Check System


A prime example of this was recently seen in Florida, where a bureaucratic mistake ultimately resulted in hundreds of concealed carry permits being revoked after it was discovered the applicants were never submitted for FBI background checks, according to Fox News.

This happened because a state government employee who was tasked with submitting concealed carry permit applicants through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System allegedly failed to do so for about a year as she claimed she was unable to log in to the system.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that the gross oversight that could have allowed felons, drug addicts, domestic abusers and other prohibited persons to obtain a concealed carry permit was discovered by another employee in March 2017 and ultimately uncovered by an inspector general investigation.

The employee, who has since been fired, claimed to have initially reported to superiors that she was unable to log in to the NICS system in April 2016, but never heard anything back and never followed up on the matter herself.

Instead, she proceeded to process applications using only the Florida Crime Information Center database and National Crime Information Center database, which could have missed “non-criminal disqualifying offenses” that would likely have been reported by the NICS system, according to Aaron Keller, spokesman for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees the concealed weapons permitting process. – READ MORE

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