Florida officer claims anti-cop McDonald’s worker refused to serve him


A Florida police officer who claimed he was ousted from a McDonald’s drive-thru on Friday for his profession said he was “shocked” and “disappointed” at how the fast-food worker treated him.

Lt. Tim Lancaster, of the Palm Bay Police Department, wrote on Facebook that on Feb. 9 he ordered lunch at a McDonald’s in Palm Bay. He paid for his meal at the drive-thru’s first window, and drove to the second window to pick up his food.

Lancaster, a 23-year veteran of the force, stated that once he got to the second window — while decked out in a “full uniform and [inside] an unmarked car” — the employee “looked at me with my drink in hand and stopped.”

The McDonald’s employee, according to Lancaster, handed his drink to another employee and “walked away in disgust.” The employee told Lancaster that the clerk who dissed him doesn’t serve cops. – READ MORE


Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but eating McDonald’s french fries will not cure your baldness. Of course, you haven’t heard it before, because it’s preposterous. Ignore anyone who says french fries can prevent hair loss because some people will.

Various stories are going around conveying a variation of this message: Japanese scientists say eating McDonald’s fries could cure baldness, which is not describing actual real-life events.

Again, eating as many McDonald’s french fries as you can will not initiate a chain reaction with the ultimate result of miraculous hair growth.

Scientists have indeed discovered a way to grow hair in a lab, Gizmodo explains, publishing their findings in Biomaterials last November.

The scientists did say that the essential element to allow oxygen to reach the cells is “oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane (PDMS) [placed] at the bottom of culture vessel.”

Let’s focus on that PDMS substance mentioned above. The same chemical is also used in frying oil to prevent foaming. – READ MORE

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