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Flashback: While Brutal BP Oil Spill Gushed in Gulf, Obama Kicked Back on Golf Course


6/23/2010: Since April 20, while the Gulf oil geyser gushed, Obama golfed. Sort of brings to mind, “While Rome burned, Nero fiddled.” Besides many rounds of golf (and basketball, his well-deserved stress reliever,) Obama attended another fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer in California, honored the NCAA National Basketball Champions at the Rose Garden, and gave a state dinner party for Paul McCartney, complete with his favorite people, his Hollywood celebrity guests with m-o-n-e-y!

Over Memorial Day, rather than go to Arlington to honor our veterans, he took several days off in Chicago. Last week he spent a full day in Ohio giving more speeches promoting Obamacare. These are just some of the events I recall since April 20. “Since Day One, we’ve been on top of this,” he said, yet he’d never even called BP’s CEO until day 51!

In an interview, Oprah complained about his detractors (like me) saying, “I don’t know what more they want the president to do!” Huh? Well, how about – to quote Jay Leno, “President Obama said he is going to use the Gulf disaster to push a new energy bill through Congress. How about using the Gulf disaster to fix the Gulf disaster?”

This president took his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel’s advice: “Never let a crisis go to waste!” So in his 18-minute address to the nation on June 15, he devoted the last third of it to hawk his costly “cap and trade’ bill. Oprah, what does this bill on the president’s agenda have to do with stopping the oil from reaching the shores of the Gulf States, the loss of thousands of jobs or the devastation to the marine life? Huh?


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