Flashback: Mike Bloomberg Received Planned Parenthood’s Award for Promoting Abortion


Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg received Planned Parenthood’s Global Citizen Award at the abortion giant’s annual gala in March 2014.

“I obviously care about a woman’s right to choose,” Bloomberg said as he accepted his award. “I think a woman shouldn’t be forced into doing anything. She’s got to make the decision. It’s her body and I understand that.”

The former New York City mayor said in his acceptance speech that his foundation would invest “$50 million into a major expansion of our efforts in Tanzania” and into “Uganda, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Nicaragua,” where he and Planned Parenthood would work to overturn pro-life laws.

Bloomberg said he was “happy to say our major partner in this new effort will be Planned Parenthood Global.”

He said, “In some countries, our funding will help advocates work towards better sexual health policies for teens and better access to contraceptives.” – READ MORE

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